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Barbara Troncone

Barbara Troncone


barbara troncone


I have always loved painting.  It is a great way to let loose with your emotions and create something beautiful.  


Lately I have been captivated by beach scenes so these feature highly in my work- whether they are stunning local beaches, or places I have visited overseas- there is something magical and calming about the water.   


I work mainly with acrylics but sometimes with oils, watercolours or pencil/charcoal.  I also adore painting portraits and cherish the opportunity to do so whenever I can.


Exhibitions and Awards

Night Class” joint exhibition at Arts House Northbridge  - 1998                                                                      

“Highly Commended” Harvey Art Exhibition, Portrait Section - 1998                                                         

“Highly Commended” Canning Art Award, Sculpture Section    - 1999                                                           

 Finalist Archibald Prize- Salon de Refuses, SH Erwin Gallery Sydney  - 2000                                            

 Winner “British Airways Prize”, Garden City/Atwell Portrait Prize    - 2000                                                

 “7@Kings Park” joint exhibition at Hawthorn Gallery, Mount Hawthorn   - 2002                                  

 “Naked Ambition” joint exhibition at Blender Gallery, Joondalup  - 2004                                               

 North Coast Art Club and Wanneroo Art Society regular exhibitions  - 2005 - 2016                                              

 “3 Sorellejoint exhibition at Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle    - 2016

 North Coast Art Club annual exhibitions  - 2016-2018



You can view and buy artwork of Barbara here:  Website: Barbara Troncone