Celeste Heilbronn

Celeste Heilbronn


celeste headAsian Influence ..Right from the "Art"

Celeste born, in Cape Town, is an accomplished ceramicist and clay sculptor.

She studied ceramics in the 1980's in Natal and sculpting under the renowned International Sculptor Charles Gotthard in the mountains of Southern Africa.

Whilst "decorating her ceramic pieces she became drawn to  the whole concept of  ancient Asian brush strokes and began using them creating these delicate ink markings on her rustic clay pieces. This sparked the beginnings of a whole new art form for her.

She won the prestigious Victor Felstead award for the Best Overall Exhibition Entry presented by the Governor of Western Australia in May 2013 with her sculpture "Personality Lost" at the Exhibition held by the West Australian Society of Arts... 

Having attended the UWA Confucius Institute in Traditional Chinese Painting after Moving to Australia in 1994 she has developed this intricate technique and pursues her love of Chinese Brush at her studio in Sorrento.

She also has a love for watercolour expanding her passion for this medium since 2000 by attending ongoing Watercolour Workshops regularly held by esteemed artists she admires, the most recent being Alvaro Castagnet.

Celeste's works are displayed in private homes and corporate buildings in Australia, Indonesia, South Africa  USA.

...... The "Art" of the matter.

Celeste paints for the purpose of the spiritual and emotional journey ....

Each painting "takes" her to a "special emotional place" ... At the completion of a painting she often stands back and reminisces the "journey" to find that some particular paintings have taken her so far "away" it's fun to look back at the painting and be amazed at its existence .... wondering at it's being done, as if she were never present during its formation!  In the artists own words ....

"Those are my favourites obviously and I like to gift them to family and special friends who treasure them as much as I do myself."

Whereas she can find her paintings evolving out of an almost dreamlike meditative state....it is the opposite for her sculptures.

She says her sculptures are very deliberately formed, stroke by stroke and that  "clay has a memory" ..  So, each piece of clay has to be handled with dexterity and placed exactly according to how you would want to mould it; fraction by fraction, giving it form from your own hands...... and its unique purpose.

"Each morsel, while building my sculpture, has my "signature" exactly as I want it to be formed and I love it from beginning through to the finish.