8 September 2019 Caricature Sketching

8 September 2019 Caricature Sketching



Caricatures with Mark Thornton

A caricature is an artistic rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic 


 Members are to bring:

-  Sketching materials - (pens, pencils)
-  Sketching paper (A3 or smaller)
-  Canvas paper, canvas board, pastel paper or similar to paint a caricature on
-  Paints/pastels (acrylics and pastels best - could probably get away with watercolour).  However, oils are difficult.
-  Photograph of anyone, with primarily head showing.  Best to not have straight on shot.  Can be out of a magazine, etc.

Cost: Members free, non members $10